Business Units

Business Units

fabbricadigitale is organized in Business Units (BU), independent units which work as companies inside the company; every BU has its own business model and can have own products for which it takes care of the design, development and support. Our BUs had common origins: the technical knowledge which distinguishes its research and development. These knowledge and skills, for example the technologies of multimedia over IP, gave birth to different products/services that nowadays are developed by two Business Units (Multimedia and Unified Communications) for different markets.

fabbricadigitale offers to every BU shared services in order to synergically share investments and basic technologic skills.

Each BU can focus on different partnerships and independent distribution policies for the products/services.

According to our projects, some of these business units will turn into independent companies also thanks to the best possible partnerships.

Below our BUs:
Three business units are organized according to technological offers for the horizontal market:

  • Unified Communications;
  • Multimedia;
  • Transportation & Defence;
  • Cloud Tools & Software Automation.


Business Units

unified communications multimediatransportation & defenseCloud Tools & Sw Automation