Cloud Tools & Sw Automation

The mission

Provide complete and integrated tools to reduce complexity and quickly enable users to access the most advanced and updated ICT technologies.
The Business Units focuses on designing and developing fabbricadigitale technology offering of IT automation, both on cloud and on premise, with the objective to end “human intensive” activities.
We develop automated software tools and complete technology and organization ecosystems which can reduce the complexity of modern ICT technologies, for both “professional” operators and “end user” companies. This allows a quick and cost-effective adoption and an easy maintenance and update.

The goal is to offer an integrated solution with an high robotization degree, that could face technology, training, organization, security or costly problems resulting from the adoption of modern technologies.

The offering

  • Cloud Services
    provides technologies enabled by fabbricadigitale tools and software automation, directly in cloud-SaaS. It’s the final result of our product adoption, delivered as a Service.

  • Cloud Tools
    provides automated software tools and whole technology and organization ecosystems, to deliver specific cloud services. Ecosystems are a set of software tools, processes, procedures, architectures, supporting platform, documents and certifications. They create a complete enabling environment for the delivery of the most advanced and updated services and products - cloud or on premise.

  • Sw Automation
    provides tools designed to robotize and automate specific activities in the ICT world, such as deploy & maintenance particular application platforms in virtual environments. Every activity is completely automated, thanks to the development of “automata” that replace “human intensive” actions. These automata, with proper parameterization activities, are able to independently perform the main typical system engineering and application maintenance activities, even highly specialized.


The products

  • Cloud Services
    • Secure & Pci Hosting
    • Message Cube
  • Sw Automation
    • “BottleNose Sys” Project
    • “BottleNose App” Project
    • Company Security Enabling Ecosystem (CoSEE, ComSEE, ComS2E)
    • GoSteeP (Governance & Steering Platform)

Points of strength

fabbricadigitale Cloud Tools & Sw Automation solutions allow to:

  • Reduce the complexity of the most advanced technologies;
  • Dramatically reduce TCOs;
  • Quickly adopt and easily maintain the most modern and complex technologies;
  • Structure the whole ecosystem of complex technology management in a “turnkey” product;
  • Be compliant with the most advanced norms and certifications;
  • Update constantly, easily and cost-effectively;
  • Reduce costs to maintain hardware and application infrastructures;
  • Smartly access disaster recovery and business continuity solutions;

The target

The “Cloud Tools & Sw Automation” offering is addressed to all the companies that want to work with the most advanced ICT technologies, reducing dramatically the complexity degree of what they have to govern. Automation and simplification means savings on “human intensive” activities.

In particular :

  • Professional Operators
    Typically companies of the ICT world such as service providers, cloud providers and all the system integrators that want to enrich or update their offering with the most advanced technologies, without changing their business with heavy investments in time and human resources. Adopting fabbricadigitale tools means adopting the best ICT applications in the most quickly, complete and cost-effective way. The possibility to access a whole support offering ecosystem, which includes portals for support, documents, certifications, manuals, applications and management tools, is the best way to have cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions.

  • End User
    Companies “consuming” ICT technologies which decide to stop being victims of IT complexity. It’s possible to significantly reduce system TCO with the adoption of fabbricadigitale “turnkey” solutions, which are targeted to reduce human intense activities through “ready to use” solutions, completely automated.


In order to provide the products of “Cloud Tools & Sw Automation” we need:

  • Security: CheckPoint, Microsoft, Trend Micro, Symantec, Cisco, Fortinet;
  • Networking: Cisco, HP, Juniper;
  • Virtualization: Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, XenDesktop;
  • OS: Microsoft, Linux, Solaris;
  • Web Server: Internet Information Server, Apache;
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySql;
  • Application Server: Tomcat, Oracle, Bea, JBoss;
  • Search Engine: Microsoft Fast.

Business Units

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