Transportation & defense

The Mission

Integrate on a vertical market the products and technologies of fabbricadigitale in a Mission Critical key.

The products

  • Radio over IP:

    Two-way radio communications integrated in the IP world together with the Cloud of Unified Communications solutions allow a wide interoperability for the communications among different frequencies and systems, in emergency situations as well.

  • XuniMove:

    The mobility version of the XuniPlay platform for the transport and for those environments where the speed is high, the environmental conditions are difficult and the connectivity is poor.

  • Access Control:

    The Ticketing platform which widens the use of Public Transport tickets to a world of services including Museums, Cinemas, Theatres, Parking and Co-Marketing.

Points of Strength

Flexibility and sturdiness:

  • System-oriented solutions for business continuity;
  • Rugged peripheral Clients with embedded software solutions “Railway” or “Military grade”.

The target

Thanks to the skills acquired in the ICT, the BU is active in the field of Transport, Defence and Security, where the service continuity must be guaranteed even in difficult conditions.

The solutions, which are mainly offered in SaaS, can become Systems if the client requires strategic services in-house, with a Boxed approach which allows a wide range of SLAs.


To the skills of fabbricadigitale the BU T&D adds:

  • The experience of the BU team in projects for the Transportation & Defence market;
  • The great skill of satisfying the client’s needs by turning them into tailor-made solutions;
  • The steady technological innovation towards new wireless solutions.

Business Units

unified communications multimediatransportation & defenseCloud Tools & Sw Automation