Company 360

Technological excellence.

We undertake new enterprises only when we are sure to reach technological excellence, in terms of resources, skills and ideas, thanks to such excellence we produce and offer solutions which help our customers grow as well. It is fundamental for us to introduce “challenging” elements in each of our activities. For in our work we match aganist with competitors and with ourselves.

Research and Innovation.

A constant investment in research and innovation is at the basis of all our products. None of our activities is the result of commercialization or resale. Our production is based on the ability to innovate and always add strong original and, often, exclusive component. Our design is always groundbreaking.

Reliability and Quality.

In order for our products to be at the root of our customers’ success, we consider their reliability and quality to be absolutely decisive factors. Our activities are always pursuing the highest products’ reliability. For this reason, every corporate process, from research to business, is follows strict rules for achiving “total quality” developed according to an equally strict quality evaluation system. We are planning to acquire several quality certifications in 2010..


When we implement our application platforms we pay particular attention in adopting a design that will lead to a strong industrialization of the final product a good technological and well industrialized product allows for easy distribution and adoption; thus we manage to reduce the costs of accessing technologies, an aspect we particularly care for.

Standard and Interoperability.

The ability to guarantee that our clients are investingin  highly reliable technology, that is secure and open to interoperability with other systems and technologies too, is a “must” in our offers. Therefore our research and design are focused on being a reference point and on paying constant attention tothe market standards and to the opportunity for all our products or services to interact and work openly with the whole technological world sorrounding them. We believe in   in integrated and integratingtechnology

Assistance and Support.

In order to  help customers make our products and services the key factors for their  business improvement, we consider it essential to offer an excellent service even as regards assistance and support, as we conceive those services to be central aspects in pur offers. In fabbricadigitale there is a dedicated Service Desk which is available 24/7 most of the time. For each product or service the customer can refer to a specific project manager who will manage the whole relation  by creating an actual  partnership. From our perspective,  the services we offer become services offered and managed in partnership to our customers. The assistance and support service is a key component  of our offer.


If quickness and time to market are key elements in our globalized economy, they become fundamental in the IT world . To us, "quickness" means: rapidity in setting up the best service for the market demands and timeliness in allowing our clients to access and implement our technologies. We do believe quickness is a potential key to success.

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